For many people, living in the south of France is as good as life can get. Thanks to Bastide, a beauty and lifestyle company, “La Douceur de Vivre: the beautiful way of life in Aix-en-Provence,” can be brought into your own home. 

Founded by Frédéric Fekkai and Shirin von Wulffen, this simple, French beauty company embraces an organic philosophy of natural and feminine products. Using only natural ingredients and testing never done on animals, your mind can be put at ease knowing their products are not only safe, but beneficial to your body's health. 

Bastide's products use only local, French ingredients crafted and grown by their French artisans. From generation to generation, these artisan's style and work of art has been perfected for not only Bastide, but the rest of the world to enjoy.

Their collection includes fragrances, lotions, soaps, body mists, candles and potpourri-scented crystals. Not only is Bastide perfect for transitioning your beauty routine into a French-luxurious style, but it is also perfect to give as a gift. Handpicked by the founders, their gift baskets include some of their best selling products, and come with a beautiful straw bag. 

For many women, and men, finding natural and simple beauty lines can overwhelming. With the warming comfort of Bastide’s philosophy, and their beautifully designed products, it’s really easy to enjoy your own lifestyle and beauty routine, with the help of Bastide’s French simplicity. 

Today, their showroom is located in the heart of Soho, New York City. But their craft and the heart of Bastide remains in the south of France. 
You can find their products on or you can visit their showroom in Soho, New York City on Thursday - Friday: 11:30am - 2pm.

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