Handcrafted by Johnny and Coco Mannix, Catzorange is an up-and-coming brand, creating the perfect non-seasonal bag. Designed and produced together as husband and wife, Johnny and Coco, originally made these bags for friends, family, and their own adventures. Eventually, it became their business, and today their designs are being sold on their website, NET-A-PORTER, and other e-commerce sites.

Each bag is made with nontoxic cotton-rope, in limited quantity, and crafted at their own Brooklyn studio.  Up close, It is easy to see the detail and love put into each bag. Although each product is described to be "silently luxurious," it is still very apparent that these are handmade bags are good quality and thoughtful production.
“The collections are inspired by traditional craftsmanship and thoughtful production. Each bag is made in our Brooklyn studio with an awareness of the material and the conscious desire to follow the shapes and forms that emerge. 

As a new brand, catzorange is catching the eye of many. The future of Coco and Johnny, their brand, and the bags is exciting and unique. 
You can find their products and brand on their website, www.catzorange.com.

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