Summer is here, the heat is strong & hats are 100% necessary. But while hats are important to protect your face from the scorching sun, they are also proving to be one of this season's biggest trends. 
Hats have been worn & styled for as long as fashion has been alive, but now brands, like Gimaguas, who are designing hats for exotic locations and adventure-filled summers are by far the most unique. 
By blending their inspirations, patterns, and materials, Gimaguas is designing your perfect hat for this summer.

Thanks to Gimaguas, hats have never been more natural. Thrown on with a summer beach dress, or styled for a day out on an exotic island, their styles are not only extremely versatile, but also beautifully inspired and designed.   

inspired by travel adventures and motivated by their appreciation for unique and handmade pieces, Gimaguas is designed for "sunny, bare foot days, warm nights, and exotic vacations."
Along with their unique hats, Gimaguas allows women to embrace their natural beauty while dressing in unique & timeless pieces. Each design, wether a blouse, a dress, or earrings, is purposefully created to encourage women to travel and experience different cultures. 
You can find each hat on

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