Feeling at home & looking like a first-class traveler is possible and Llani is proof of that. 
Alana Oates, a Pennsylvania native and natural-born designer, set out to create shoes for the "fiercely independent woman." With a desire for elegance and femininity, without wearing six-inch heels, Oates created Llani, a globally inspired shoe collection. 

Today, it can be difficult to balance style with  life, work, family, friends, and any other moments that life throws at you. For a lot of women, this type of lifestyle means there's less time to concentrate on yourself. For Oate's this drove her desire to create a shoe line for ambitious woman to look stylish and feel comfortable. While Llani is a shoe company, it is also a reminder for woman that it is possible to feel elegant while balancing a crazy, busy life.
With Alana's collection, beautiful shoes have never been so easy to slip on and run out the door. As an established designer, Oates is creating not just a brand, but a lifestyle, where woman can wear good quality flats, slippers, & babouches to "give her that comfort of home, from anywhere — at her desk, on the plane, or running to the florist…"  
While high heels can look extremely attractive & elegant on any woman, there is also a time and place to wear them. And with so many options today, it often becomes overwhelming to find an attractive shoe in between high heels and casual sneakers or sandals. At the same time, even if you find a pair, they are often not made well or fit properly to your foot.. The answer to all your shoe problems is Llani's slides and babouches. 

“I’m a heels girl myself, but I think the trend is just shifting. Women are choosing to be comfortable in their everyday ensembles. There is a versatility in fashion now more than before. I’m constantly inspired and encouraged by women who are carving out a path for themselves in the working world. Choosing to start their own businesses so that their schedules can belong to them to spend time with family, travel more, or be at home.
— Alana Oates
Whether you pair them with jeans and a tee or a solid colored summer dress, Llani's pieces will add pattern, color and elegance to any wardrobe. The Clara Heirloom Collection is made from vintage Thai silk, from her Great Aunt Clara who sourced each unique printed silk from her travels in Bangkok during the 1970's. Other pieces are embellished with unique combinations of shells, crystal rhinestones, and metal sequins and lined with genuine leather. 

Llani proves to be even more special day by day. Produced in India, their shoes are handmade by artisans who work through a program to empower women, provide financial stability, and promote them to leadership positions. With every new design, Llani continues to build strong and personal business relationships with the workers, making sure every piece of production is ethical.
Empowering both women who produce shoes & those who wear them, Llani is working to break down the expectations of femininity and beauty for women in the 21st century. Creating a line, which is easy for women who are on-the-go, entrepreneurs, travelers, or anyone in between, has been made it easy for women to focus on themselves.

You can find each collection on www.llanishoes.com.

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