Pansy, a underwear company founded in California, is leading the movement in healthy apparel by using organic cotton for their undergarments. Created out of the desire for ethical, non-toxic and American-made underwear and bras, both Laura School and Rachel Corry, set out to see that dream come true. Now, women across the world to have access to healthy undergarmens, free of pesticides and toxic chemicals.

Traditional fabrics, especially cotton, are produced using enormous amount of pesticides and toxic chemicals, which is absorbed in our skin. Not only is this dangerous for all woman, since bras and underwear are tight to the body, but it is especially dangerous for woman who are pregnant and breastfeeding. 
“ We print your invoices on dead stock paper from a local creative reuse shop. Your pansies come inside an organic cotton jersey bag made from the scraps of our clothing production in the same factory we produce all our pansy garments. We hope you reuse the bag to carry your almonds or stuff it with lavender to make a sachet for your underwear drawer. 
— Pansy
All of Pansy's products are 100% ethical, American made and organic certified. Their cotton is grown on a farm in Texas, milled in North Carolina and sewn and dyed in California using only natural products. While all of their items are completely safe for women to use, they are also kind to the environment. 

As for style & comfort, Pansy's products are beautifully simple for any woman to wear. All of their bras are underwire free and their underwear comes in low, high or extra high rise. They also design apparel such as shirts, socks, leggings and shorts. 

While Pansy is leading the movement for ethical and safe apparel, it is also a company that strives to make products for every body type. Using pregnant woman as models is an extremely important addition in today's fashion industry, which unfortuantely excludes large groups of women who don't traditionally fit the definition of "model."
Not only are Pansy's products beautiful and comfortable for all women, but their brand should be an inspiration for other companies in similar industries to create healthy, sustainable, and ethical apparel. 
 You can find their pieces on their website,

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