Paolita's collections and designs act as "a global language for women." Their vibrant prints, intricate designs, and carefully planned collections, inspire women everywhere to use fashion as a pallet for their personality, creativity and individualism. Inspired by beautiful destinations like, African safaris and Mexican markets, Anna Paola created this brand to motivate.....
“women ...[to] feel fulfilled and empowered because they own their beautiful escape, their colourful adventure and, most importantly, their story — Anna Paola

Born out of London in 2010, Paolita was designed for women who have an uncontrollable desire to travel, yet aspire to look effortlessly elegant while doing so. With her three collections, "the Mexican riveria", "Indian summer" and "Elysium dreams",  it is obvious how each piece emulates a specific destination & culture, to attract women who love to stand out from the crowd. 
Each collection is unique, drawing from different patterns and colors in nature around the world. While every piece in Paolita is designed to be timeless, sophisticated and lively, they are incredibly unique, born from a completely different style, inspiration and travel adventure.

Anna's collections offer not only beachwear, one and two piece bathing suits, but also resort wear, such as, 100% pure silk kiminos, dresses, kaftans, jumpsuits, blouses, skirts, shorts, and trousers. All of their pieces are designed in London, while the fabrics are crafted in lake Como, Italy. Focusing on quality and fit, Anna Paola is determined to create pieces that not only flatter a womanly figure, but will also sustain her unlimited travel adventures. 

Anna Paola's heritage, both Greek and Mexican, encompasses her designs by capturing not only her home's culture, but also her childhood travels, which include places like Greek beaches, Indian boutiques, and of course the vibrant colors on Mexican streets. While her talent is innate, her previous work with Alexander McQueen and Hussein Chalayan carefully reflect her attention to detail, quality and simple influences. 
Examining the three collections connects you to Anna's life story and interests, in almost every way. Not only do they integrate traditional culture with nature, but they also strive to incorporate a design for the modern woman. In Paolita's collections, it has never been easier to feel so luxurious, yet comfortable, on a travel adventure. 

The Mexican Riveria collection perfectly captures the vibrant colors of Mexican culture and nature. Inspired by Mexico's native plant, the cactus, the prints are all feminine, powerful and down-to-earth.


The Indian summer collection reflects life's simple moments, like dipping into the ocean, or sharing a special moment by the beach with a loved one. Reflecting on the designs from "the Taj Mahal, the colours of Rajasthan, [and]... the nature of Lahore," this collection is for the free-spirited women who lets her imagination run wild. In this specific theme, Anna's purpose was to carefully reflect and reimagine India's delicate and intricate art, design, and history. 


inspired by both Greek and South American ancient artifacts, the Elysium Dreams collection incorporates prints of olive branches, female warriors and pirates, and music from George Gershwin. Anna Paola successfully incorporated modern greek and South American culture with their ancient artifacts and history. 

For many women around the world Paolita represent a strong-hearted women, a fearless traveler, and an effortlessly chic role-model. While Anna's collections are beautifully exotic and worldy, they also prove that any type of women can use fashion as a reflection of their own personality. Anna Paola's wonderful designs teach us how women should embrace their style, be courageous, and stand out from the rest of the crowd. Fashion is truly a language that women should use as a platform to embrace their beauty, character, and individualism.

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